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It is my opinion that U.K. citizens who are already living/working in Cyprus, or any EU country, will keep that right should the U.K. decide to exit the European Union.

I say this because the Vienna Convention of 1969 states that the termination of a treaty “does not affect any right, obligation or legal situation of the parties created through the execution of the treaty prior to its termination.” The House of Commons Library says that “withdrawing from a treaty releases the parties from any future obligations to each other, but does not affect any rights or obligations acquired under it before withdrawal.”

I must clarify here though that the above is only applicable to those U.K. citizens who became expats in Cyprus (or another EU state) before Brexit.

As far as health services go I believe it is unlikely that U.K. citizens would be denied  EU health care services as the U.K. could retaliate by refusing these services to EU citizens living in the United Kingdom.

Cyprus Banks End Daily Withdrawal Limit

The Euros 300 (Three Hundred) daily per person withdrawal limit from banks in Cyprus has ended. Also, fixed-interest time deposits may now be accessed before they have matured.

Under certain conditions, individuals wishing to open accounts in other banks may do so.

Restrictions still exist, however, when it comes to moving money overseas.

Cypriot officials have stated that they anticipate all controls being completely removed by the end of this year (2014).