Criminal Law

A person is presumed innocent until guilt is proven without a doubt.

The Cyprus legal system follows similar principles and precedents as the English legal system. Matters of criminal proceedings are governed by the Criminal Procedure Law (Cap 155).

The legal system serves to maintain a functioning society that abides by certain rules and regulations in order to ensure that the safety, rights and obligations of all are met. The legal process provides for punishment of the guilty as well as protecting the innocent from being unjustly accused.

It is always advisable to contact a lawyer early on if involved in a criminal investigation of any type. Obtaining advice from a lawyer with substantial experience can make all the difference when dealing with a criminal case. It can affect the outcome and the penalties involved which, in turn, can have a huge affect on a business and/or an individual and their family.

Our team of lawyers will ensure that your rights are fully protected and will guide you through the process with respect and discretion.

We can help you with:

Traffic offenses
Property crimes
Violent crime
Drug offenses
Financial fraud

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