Cyprus Residence, Citizenship & Naturalization and Work Permits

Living in Cyprus

Many people come to Cyprus with plans of becoming permanent residents and acquiring the citizenship. Cyprus is very popular due to excellent weather, tax laws and low cost of living. As an EU member state it has also become very attractive to many northern Europeans as well as a place of operation to many international companies because of it’s location between the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Cyprus Citizenship for EU and Non EU

There are minimal procedures for EU residents to become citizens and be able to live, work or own and operate a business without any restriction. For Non EU citizens the procedures are more difficult but the government has been pro-active in establishing an immigration initiative and facilitating a clear path.

Non EU citizens require special permits to work, do business, purchase immovable properties and obtain residence status.

The Cypriot Government provides a “Scheme of Naturalization of Non-Cypriot Investors by Exception” to help foreign investors who wish to acquire citizenship. You can find the guidelines as well as PDF files translated to a number of languages here.

WE Help Acquiring Cyprus Citizenship

Since our law practice was established in Paphos, Paul Efthymiou and his associates have helped many clients acquire residence status and/or citizenship. We have worked with companies and families that are both EU and non EU citizens. We have obtained the various permits, provided guidance for acquiring permits, and we strive to eliminate the stress that can be involved in the citizenship by naturalization process.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you through the entire process just contact us to arrange a convenient time.

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