Family Law

A good divorce lawyer can lighten some of the emotional burden, while inadequate representation can make an already painful experience even worse. Due to our long standing reputation, many of our clients are referred to us by current or previous clients.

We try to provide a steadying influence throughout settlement discussions and, if necessary, trial, as we know that family cases are usually the most emotional.

Choosing the right divorce Lawyer

Before a client decides definitively to proceed with a divorce, we always recommend that all possibilities to save the marriage and keep the family intact are exhausted and, if required, we can refer clients to a therapist who specializes in helping couples work towards reconciliation and the re-building of the marriage. However, if a client is determined to proceed with a divorce, then an experienced therapist can be invaluable in supporting and guiding an individual and/or family through these difficult emotional times. He/she can also help to restore the strength and confidence that may have been lost in the turmoil.

Recovering from the emotional blow of divorce, although painful, can in time be a strengthening and rewarding experience leading to exceptional personal growth.

Our lawyers will always work with you in an amicable and civil manner to resolve matters in the least stressful way possible. All cases, or potential cases discussed, are strictly confidential.

We can help you with:



Child custody

Property settlements


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